The team at GoaTimeline is an ambitious one. We are constantly growing and intend to diversify further in the near future.
Some of our upcoming ventures:

Online News Goa
In our endeavour to give you easy access to information, we plan to start an online news portal. It will give you instant updates of the happenings across Goa, the world; and will also have the archive feature, whereby you could access any piece of information at any time.

News Channel

GoaTimeline plans to launch a 24-hour news channel in Goa, India. It will be a dynamic, multilingual news channel covering everything from news, sports, movies, music and much more.

English Newspaper
Within the next few months, we will be launching the first edition of our very own English newspaper in Goa, India. Public opinion is the biggest strength of the nation, and we consider it our moral duty to present you with the ‘truth’ to help you form a free and fair opinion.

Radio Station
We intend to launch a radio station in Goa soon, and aim to make it one of the most informative and entertaining radio channels in India. It will be another platform to share information and ideas, regarding peoples, products and day to day news.