Cadbury, a brand that’s synonymous with all that is deliciously indulgent

Cadbury, a brand that’s synonymous with all that is deliciously indulgent – has always managed to create ads that reinforced their brand and kept them in high standards amongst their competitive peers.

Back in the day these ads were mostly for TV or print purposes, as creative as they were; they never failed to strike a chord with those heart strings and as a result attached a familiar sense of cherished sentiment to the brand.

Mind you that this was as mentioned earlier back in the old days, when social media was an unheard of notion and where word of mouth was king.

As time progressed, Cadbury too evolved its brand image and marketing strategies to amplify its brand resonance to captivate its targeted generations.

So online marketing as far-fetched an idea; was implemented to increase their reach to its maximum but at the same time the cost to company was at a bare minimum when compared to that of conventional marketing strategies. It is due to the implementation of progressive marketing that Cadbury like many other giants players is still a brand that will continue to make a significant splash in it pool.

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