5 SMM strategies available in Goa

We are now well and truly in 2017 and our fastest growing Division remains Social Media Marketing (SMM). Going by the explosion of smart phones in India, we expect this segment to grow exponentially in this New Year.

One of the biggest questions always asked to me by business colleagues in Goa is how to get started? Over the years they have done a fantastic job by using traditional marketing methods to build their brand, but yet do not know how to adapt in the digital era.

Which category does your business fall into?

  1. Some businesses have chosen not to embrace social media at all and allowed new smaller players to eat away at their market share.
  2. Others have made an attempt themselves and soon realized that they cannot commit enough time or do not have the knowledge.
  3. Some firms have recruited an in-house employee who knows the business well, but falls expensive and usually does not provide fresh ideas in the long run.
  4. While the rest choose to out-source Social Media Marketing to an SMM Agency who are up to date with the latest trends and platforms in the industry.

The reality is that Social Media is another branch added to the marketing model and it is vital that your digital strategy is in uniform with the rest of your marketing plan. This means that your logo, mantra, slogan, storytelling and anything to do with your brand has to be consistent online as well as offline.

So where do you go from here?

5. As a complete media house we provide many services for clients which include design and print, indoor and outdoor advertising, public relations and product launch. We also have a dedicated team that handles Social Media Marketing and Search engine optimization.

This gives us a sound understanding of our clients business and it is only natural that they choose us to handle their social media marketing accounts, as we provide a full 360 branding service.

If you’re looking to get started or get your social media marketing strategy back on track then do not delay, contact us today.


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