Advantages of Public Relations

PR or public relations refer to any online or offline activity that aims to reach out and communicate with the audience that matters to your brand or business. While the foundation of PR as a profession in its current form is said to be coincident with the establishment of the Publicity Bureau in the year 1900, the basis can be traced back to early civilization.

Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays are credited for establishing the PR industry in the United States. The American companies further spread the practice across Europe and other parts of the world.

Public relations started developing into a full time profession after the 1950s. Edelman and Burson-Marstellar, two of the largest PR firms in the world were founded in the years 1952 and 1953 respectively. The International Association of Public Relations was founded in the year 1955.

In India, the growth of PR only began in the 1990s when many PR companies mushroomed across the country. However, the service portfolio was generally limited to media relations early on. It was in the early 2000s that the field began developing in India when a joint venture was entered into between Edelman and R&P Management Communications, led by Roger Pereira.

In the year 2007, The Holmes Report stated that, “The greatest future in growth is expected to come in China and India, with good prospects for growth in Eastern Europe (particularly those countries recently admitted to the European Union) and in the Middle East (albeit from a very small base)”.

Being in an adolescent stage of growth, the PR agencies in India have evolved to provide integrated solutions to customers. PR is not just limited to the press, but includes digital and social media as well. Currently, more than 250,000 persons are employed by the industry. The future of the industry is bright due to the following two factors:

  • 1) Organizations across sectors need to be transparent in their communications with the public.
  • 2) The stronghold of social media and internet, which is all about engagement and feedback – a two-way communication that is the cornerstone of public relations.
  • The Holmes Report 2015 shows the biggest takers for the industry in the graph below:
    Public Relations Service in Goa
    Source:, The Holmes Report 2015

    Handling PR effectively is the key to building your brand. At GoaTimeline, we offer traditional and non-traditional PR services to engage your target audience. Let’s understand some of these services below:

    Media Relations – Staying in the news means staying in the public eye, constantly. News media quickly reaches out to a large audience. Communicating your message to the public through press can give you a lot of visibility without actually advertising. An effective press release can give your business the much-needed boost.

    Branding – Business is all about branding today. Your brand is the spirit of your marketing strategy. Brand management is the process of image creation and persuading the public to associate with that image. The process touches every aspect of the business or service from packaging, labeling to advertising and marketing.

    Promotions – Promotions refer to spreading information about your product or service in the market. Your visibility can be enhanced in many ways – by organizing events, through effective online campaigns and by airing advertisements on television and the radio.

    Social Media – Social media has become an integral part of PR. In fact, most PR departments are responsible for the online presence of their companies. With most people having access to the internet, strategically utilizing social media platforms such as FB, Twitter, Pinterest and having a blog can ensure a broader audience for your business.

    GoaTimeline is a media house based in Miramar, Goa. We offer specialized solutions for all your advertising needs including PR and digital advertising.

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