Signage Printing

5_banner_bannerOften, our eyes see much more than what our ears hear. Truly, a picture can be worth a thousand words. Strong messages can be effectively communicated through signs and images to leave a strong impact on the readers’ mind. Display advertising through signs and banners is a popular marketing technique adopted by companies. Who wouldn’t glance at an attractive billboard or a smartly chalked display board at the roadside?

Over the next 3 years, India is projected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia with an expected annual growth of 10.7 percent. In 2013, the annual revenue for print advertising was INR 162 billion and market trend displays an increasing demand for showroom displays, signage and LED advertisements. Signage or sign advertising refers to the use of designs or images to communicate a message to a group, mostly for the purpose of advertising. And indeed, it is quite an effective means of advertising and marketing if used strategically and creatively. Through signage printing, you can create attractive billboards, street signs or lawn signs that can be placed on roads, inside or outside buildings, or in gardens to speak out your mind to the audience you intend to reach. Today, you can even print much more versatile display boards such as the neon lit sign boards used by various clubs in Goa.

Large format digital printing has changed the face of sign advertising. It is possible to have signs printed on various textures such as vinyl, sun boards and even glow signs to suit your marketing requirement. It is a known fact that display advertising is an important part of any major branding exercise. If you are planning to launch a product or creating a name for your business, you must contact an end to end advertising agency such as Goatimeline that can advise you on the concept, design and the placement of your advertisements for maximum reach.

It is time to cash in on the power of display, remember, cleverly created images can even transcend the language barrier.

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