Public relation, simply put, means the communication channel between an organisation and the public. An integral part of any business development strategy, PR management is essential to communicate the right message to the customers. It is central for businesses to organise PR events to effectively and efficiently communicate with the media and customers on a one-on-one basis. A public relation manager, apart from just liaising with the media, is responsible for creating, maintaining and enhancing the public image of the company.

GoaTimeline is providing a comprehensive range of PR services in Goa and across India. See below for more information on our specialised services:

Traditional & Non-Traditional PR
As a specialised Public relation agency in India, we provide both traditional and non-traditional PR services in Goa and across India. Traditional PR includes press releases, media events, trade-shows etc. Today, apart from the traditional methods, social media is gaining more and more importance as a non-traditional mode of engaging the public. It provides the benefit of reaching a large number of people in a short span of time, with the inclusion of a feedback mechanism.

Goatimeline provides full coverage for your PR events. We help you design your message and effectively broadcast it to the public, ensuring awareness about your brand and the consequent increase in sales.

Media Relations
Media relations mean working with the press in order to communicate a message to the public, without actually advertising. It involves working closely with the journalists to build a network in order to optimise positive media coverage. Since news is one medium that has far reaching impact, media relationship is crucial to enhance your visibility and stay in the ‘news’!

A premier media relations company in Goa, we go one step further to provide you creative, unique and professional services for public and media relationships, along with event management in Goa and across India.

Brand Management
Brand management is the creation, development and advertisement of the brand. It is managing the way a brand is perceived by the customers. The process of brand management not only involves the perceivable aspects such as packaging, design, price etc., it also involves the step of image creation and association. It is pertinent for the customer to associate himself with a brand in order to come back to it again and again.

GoaTimeline, through its decade of experience in brand management in Goa, has taken the time to closely understand the process. Our team, along with providing brand management across India, also engages in event management in India and printing services in Goa. With the comprehensive list of services on offer, we aim at not only providing your brand the perfect positioning in the market, but also in the hearts and mind of the customers.

Creative Services
Creative services are central to any marketing company. Today, everyone in the market is looking for something ‘different’. It is the creativity associated with the way a product is marketed, that differentiates it from the competition. The aspect of creativity is highlighted in any kind of promotional event. The team at GoaTimeline strives to make your events and campaigns unique and different from the crowd. We are a complete media house specialising in advertising and event management in Goa, and also provide creative services in Goa – making sure that nothing you do is ever run-of-the-mill!

Currently, we are looking to expand our talented team, and offering jobs in Goa. We need graphic designers in Goa who are willing to share our drive and passion. Contact us for further details.

Promotion, in general, means increasing the visibility of your brand in the market. It is crucial to marketing as it works at increasing the awareness about a product. Promotions can be done in a variety of ways – by physically organising an event or by broadcasting promotional material on the television, radio or the Internet. It may include organising competitions, providing coupons or other such offers.

GoaTimeline is handling promotions in Goa for a number of clients. We are a full-fledged promotion agency in Goa, committed to designing exclusive PR campaigns to boost your sales. Coupled with our advertising agency in Goa, and experience as event planners in Goa, we deliver successful promotional events to achieve extraordinary results.


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