Event Management is a dynamic, multi faceted task. It involves conceptualising, planning, coordinating and bringing together each and every element required for a successful event to take place. Be it organising a dinner party for ten people or a product launch for a company – each event requires personalized attention, coordination, and top class management. Maintaining our reputation as one of the best event managers in Goa, we also do event planning in Goa – helping you plan, visualise and make your events a reality, keeping in mind your taste and needs, and in line with our superior standards.

Product Launches:
With our expertise in advertising and brand management, we have successfully organised and managed a number of product launches for our clients in Goa. We craft unique, creative and well planned launches for your products, providing the right placement at the onset. Our team of experts will design the most effective market strategy for you, taking into consideration the minutest of details, ensuring clear positioning and messaging in the market.

A seminar is a gathering of people coming together to discuss a topic – academic or otherwise. It requires a lot of meticulous planning starting from picking a suitable venue, to checking the logistics, managing the invitations, designing souvenirs and arranging for food and snacks etc. We specialise in organising and conducting these events, relieving you of every kind of organisational hassle, while ensuring that each of your requirement is met to the highest of your satisfaction. Goa Event Planner, Premier Event Management Goa, Goa Event Management, Event Management Company in Goa

As a premier event management company in Goa, our range of services also includes organising business meetings. We cater to your exact business needs, at competitive rates, ensuring a seamless experience. With years of experience as corporate meeting organisers, we hand-pick and arrange for suitable venues for your meeting depending on the business requirements as well as provide professionals to take care of the audio-video set up and other technical arrangements.

Press conferences and media events are one of the best platforms for generating publicity, announcing any news or marking an important event. A successful press conference can go a long way in building your market value and conveying the right message to the public.
GoaTimeline specializes in organizing outdoor and indoor press conferences. Our experts guide you in selecting the best conference locations, and various specialists in our team handle each aspect of the conference. We consider it our duty to make your event successful to ensure that you make the right impact.

Opening Ceremony:
An opening ceremony is conducted to inaugurate an event or a set-up. It is the result of a lot of dedication and hard work. Most entrepreneurs also use it as an opportunity to express their gratitude to their employees, co-workers and other stakeholders, for their hard work and effort.

Because first impressions make a lasting impact – a well thought out opening ceremony is essential to ensure the success of your venture. We understand your business needs and make it a point to make the experience completely hassle free, so that you could relax and celebrate your success.

As such events often attract media coverage, and also provide the public a first glance at your product; we strive to arrange a perfect opening ceremony for you to give you that ‘perfect’ start!

Trade Fair:
Participating in a trade fair is an effective way to promote your brand. It is a large forum where you come in touch with a lot of buyers and other businesses, increasing opportunities for expansion and growth. A trade fair is great place to increase your visibility but it may seem a daunting task. At GoaTimeline, we offer you expert help in showcasing your business at various trade fairs. From contacting the organisers, to reserving a place for your stall and designing it, to developing your market strategy – we will deliver all this to you, at the best price and quality in the market.

Award Ceremonies:
Award ceremonies are special events to recognise exceptional talent in a certain field. It is a special function that remains etched in the memory for a long time. The team at GoaTimeline is dedicated to making your event an unforgettable experience. We provide the best of locations, uniquely crafted invites, beautifully decorated sets – all this and more – to meet every taste, requirement and budget. We create a buoyant atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all, while meeting the highest professional standards.


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