Digital marketing in India

Digital marketing in India seems to be on the cusp of a revolution. The enormous growth in the use of smartphones, easy access to the internet, the surging use of social media and an ever-increasing use of online shopping portals do indicate that the time is right for online marketing avenues to become serious contenders to traditional marketing avenues in India.

India will have around 500 million internet users by June 2018. This will create ample business opportunities to sell services and products to a growing population of tech-savvy internet users.

In a country where mass preference is given to digital marketing above all else, most start-up companies choose to launch their businesses via digital marketing. This platform eases the process of every business. Thanks to the same ease of usage, everyday people now spend more time on social media, WhatsApp, blogs, forums, etc., than reading the paper because, there’s just so much more exposure.

What has truly revolutionized the landscape of marketing opportunities is the interactivity of various social media platforms, blogs, forums, etc. People are now able to express their opinions, grievances, complaints and get replies or solutions from different users of forums from across India and around the world as well. The reach of these social media platforms is so huge that you can connect with almost everyone now.
So it’s safe to say that India’s digital footprint is gaining significant ground with each passing day.

With its fingers deep into the ‘India’s digital pie’, so to speak, as well as in other conventional means of publications, Timeline Media has held its rightful place in the list of pioneering enterprises in Goa who have contributed to the growth of India’s Digital presence and continue to do so.
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