In today’s world, media has made a very special place for itself in our lives. If I say that today, media has become as important as food and clothing, then I don t think so that I am over exaggerating anything. There is no denial that media is playing a very significant role in making the world smaller. Through various mediums of media whether it is radio, television, newspaper or internet, we are able to connect with large number of people around us. Especially internet has truly become the need of every individual both for our work and to connect with our friends and well wishers. Facebook and Twitter have occupied such special place in our lives that if we are not a part of it, then there is something really important that we are missing. Besides connecting with our friends, media also informs us about the world happenings. In one line I can say that media is like a mirror of the society which reflect each and everything about the society to us.

But one also can not overlook this fact that slowly commercialization is also coming in media. Media has a huge responsibility of conveying the truth and relevant information to the common man.

When it comes to media, how can one forget to talk about the entertainment industry? Entertainment is something that one can not live without. Be it movies, radio, internet etc., media is just everywhere in our life. If we just look around then we would find that there is no aspect of our life which is not touched and affected by media. Be it our work, relationships, education or entertainment, media is seen everywhere. And there is no denial that we can not live without media

GoaTimeline is a company involved in advertising and property management sector, specializing in strategic planning, creative work, marketing research and interactive development.

We provide services for brand development, advertising, public relation, event management and property management. Major aspects of our work are advertising and printing. Design and production of advertising materials.

We create strategies for products and services from the moment of creation to the positioning and the promotion in market environment.


Our Team of the company encompasses specialists and partners from various professional backgrounds with the ability to operate in several languages across diverse products and services ranges. We use contemporary technologies, tools and knowledge, which gives us the opportunity always to offer innovative thinking and advertising, adequate to the market demand and financial situation.Our experience is proved with the time. Our clients are using it for years, which shows that we build long run working partnership.

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