Here’s a ridiculous fact I just learned: Printer ink costs twice as much as Chanel N°5. Hold that in the back of your mind for a second. Now imagine you’re a multi-billion dollar fast food chain with more than 36,000 locations worldwide in more than 100 countries. Your golden arched logo is emblazoned on millions upon millions of beverage cups, French fry containers and takeout bags. Don’t forget about print advertisements, business cards, corporate marketing collateral, too. Every single one of those items will ultimately get thrown in the trash. That’s a lot of ink — twice as costly as Chanel N°5, remember — goingRead More →

HP lined up more partners for its 3D printing efforts, Stratasys launched systems for eyewear frame prototyping, and Carbon outlined a materials program for large manufacturers. As for HP, the company outlined a set of European customers at the TCT Show 2017. In addition, Henkel will become the first global reseller of HP JetFusion 3D printers. HP said it has 30 resellers and partners in Europe. New HP customers included Danfoss Group, ETH Zurich, Jaguar-Land Rover, KTM, and The Manufacturing Technology Center. HP also outlined more than 25 HP 3D Printing Reference and Experience Centers throughout Europe. Stratasys launched its VeroFlex Rapid Prototyping Eyewear SolutionRead More →