Facebook Impressions Tracking in Adform is coming

Today, companies have their customers online. More specifically they are actively present on Social media.
Facebook is the most prevalent Social Media Marketing tool with 2.27 billion users. Knowing the importance of this figure, marketers have made Facebook a part of their Marketing mix.
Facebook allows marketers to track their success and adjust their Ad Campaigns. Ads are delivered to a specified target audience and prospective customers click on the Ad and take up a specific call to action. This concept is called an impression.
Impressions are the ultimate goal of every advertiser where his marketing goals are accomplished.. This is done by being relevant to what your target audience is looking for and giving them the best of what they expect.
Impressions must always be directly proportional to the number of views to your Ad. If this doesn’t happen then you must recheck and alter your Advertising strategy. It is a tricky task to grasp audience attention and get them to click on your Ad and perform the expected call to action.

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