Flipkart’s Business

Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal Started with the selling of books. They both got a high-profile job in the worlds biggest E-commerce website named Amazon. Leaving Amazon to launch their own company with just Rs 4 Lakhs involved a massive risk as there was no guarantee that their idea would Succeed or not. It was a result of risk taking only that today Flipkart generates 1.5 cr a day.

Flipkart’s business target is to increase Traffic and boost sales and revenue through an integration of Mobile Apps, Display, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.

Flipkart gained all the attention through successful campaigns like ”Fairy Tale“,”No Kidding, No Worries“ and running at the moment ”Big Billion Day“, ”Singles Day.“ Flipkart has their own official Blog page which delivers an update about the company, industry tech, etc. there also exists a PR release page which talks about company info, events, and exclusive product service updates.

Flipkart knows to Proper Use of Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Facebook page, Google Plus, YouTube campaigns, TV commercials, Twitter & Pinterest.
Planning strategies to promote the suitable product
at the right time.

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