Goa Property Fair by Goatimeline

Property fair Goa is a venture by GoaTimeline with the aim to bring together builders and buyers under one roof. It is an ideal platform for the developers to showcase their upcoming residential and commercial projects.  A property expo is an efficient and cost-effective way for developers to present their properties. Held in a venue that is very accessible, comfortable and has a big space to accommodate plenty of booths and provides the developers the opportunity to widen their audience and boost up their sales.

The developers put forward their project aims, ideas and designs to the audience through brochures, presentations and 3-D modules. Investment advisers are responsible for providing information on various projects while sales personnel helps  promote and provide every single detail about the project. This gives the buyers an idea about the project and a chance to compare with other projects to select one that meets their every need. They can also reserve their choice unit immediately at the booth itself once they have already made up their minds.

Generally held for 2-3 days the property fair saves the time and money of prospective buyers.

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