Marketing tip#1

You must have heard a lot of Buzzwords in the market about digital marketing google adsense, socialmedia marketing, remartketing etc

let us discuss about 2 digital platforms today?

which platform is better Facebook or Google ads?

Few years ago, google was the place to go to advertise your products, Today with massive popularity facebook has certainly uped the ad game ,India claimed the first place with 270 million users on facebook, ahead of second-ranked United States with 240 million Facebook users.
Which clearly means India is a facebook country, followed by Instagram which is still more popular in countries like US, Brazil and then comes India.

Few advantages of advertising on facebook over google are:

1.Facebook ads are more affordable,

2.Engagement: facebook is more interactive the communication on facebook is mostly a two way communication whereas google ads are 1 way communication.

3.Effective- ad targetting becomes easy with facebook compared to googleads

4. In most forms of advertising Visual content is very important like photographs, videos, graphics etc facebook has a upperhand in producing visually appealing advertisemnts which helps in better reach and in turn better conversion.

You don’t have to wait for someone to search for your targeted keywords. You don’t have to wait for someone to run your promotion or read your blog. If you want to reach 50,000 people in one day, you can.

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Marketing Tip: 3
Social media

Facebook: Reach out to people to reach your product to people
(Facebook –> Followers)

Instagram: Reach out to the right #
you may have thousands of followers but no strategy and no right # it will make no difference to your marketing campaign!
(Instagram —> #Hashtags)

Of course : Content is the king, nothing can work without great creative Content

In the end If you dont have enough expertise you may end up burning your pockets.

Social media marketing can work well for your brand if you have equal technical and creative expertise to make your brand stand out in the market and ofcourse right man power and tools to measure & analyse the results. A firm which can act like your marketing manager & your techie & your Brand & business consultant is great combination!

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