Marketing Tips for creating a website

Marketing Tips for creating a website

Are you an entrepreneur? Setting up a new business? The most important part and the basic need for your business in terms of marketing starts from your website after you decide the name and brand logo for your company

You may be thinking of making a new website or a better one

in that case here are some of the tips you should know before you get the website designed

Website is still the core part of online marketing activity

If you look at all the online marketing channels and technique’s what they actually do is bring visitors to your website, main purpose of this website is to convert these visitors into customers, in marketing terms this is called conversion,

a bad website will cause all your marketing efforts go in vein , why do you need more visitors if you can’t turn them into customers

So the better your website is the more your visitors are converted into your customers

Many of them in the industry call themselves a web designer but they turn out to be geeks with some basic coding knowledge & of course without much planning they will pretty quickly create a website for you with lots of information ,photos, contacts etc

but the question is, is that going to convert your visitors into customers? is that what you need? the answer is NO!

What you have to do is look for someone who is serious about web design
That’s where we come in
By following these 7 phases of web design process we design websites for our customers

Phase 1
The first step is about gathering information like
* website purpose
* website goals
* target audience

Phase 2
* sitemap
* website structure
* technology used

Phase 3
* wireframe models
* visual style
* usability of user interface (UI)for best possible user experience (UX)

Phase 4
* copywriting
* photos and videos
not only for your visiotrs but also for your search engines>
* search Engine Optimisation(seo)

Phase 5
Here we actually create websites using
* hypertext markup language HTML &CSS(cascading style sheet) coding
* responsive design

Phase 6
*Technical testing we test all the technical features like
* browser compatibility
* if the website fulfills the purpose

Phase 7
* monitoring after the launch of website our job is not done yet we monitor the website enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies
* bug fixes
* maintenance for future updates

Make sure you consider all the above points before going ahead and making a new website.

As you know now that website development is a very complex process but we believe this is how it has to be done, and our customers agree
If you share our passion for high quality website get in touch
We will Be happy to help you


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