Find your Brand in the World of Netizens

By  Allwyn Raj

Find your Brand in the World of Netizens.

A business website is like a business card which every customer expects.

Our cheeks go wide when we score a good response/feedback from our customers. Contemplating feedback as the food of brand, every brand seeks good response for better business. There is no happiness like the one of customer eulogies your brand. Every aspect of product is defined by the way brand is positioned in the market.

How well have you heard your audience, their need for your product is all about reaching the right audience by setting up a position in this competitive market? To be more precise, brand perception is brand’s actual reality, how the customer decodes your brand is the reality of your brand that you have created.

One of the most important, useful and affordable criteria for creating a positive brand perception is by humanizing the product. The more you humanize your brand the more audience connects with it. We all have witnessed the trend of social media and viral content are always the talk of the town.
In this era, if your brand is not active socially then it’s inactive for customers as well. Gone were the days where there were limited platform to create a positive perception for a brand but now it’s vulnerable to uncertain extent.

We have seen evolution in advertising, from papyrus to social media but we still have faith in communicating multimedia content via websites as they are vast and deliver every need of a business in meeting customer’s requirement.

Websites are ideas that are still used to communicate, purchase and to create a brand’s identity in the market. A platform where numerous audiences can view your business seems like a good deal for business owners, right? Customer acquisition depends on how you have impacted the audience through your marketing strategy.

In sales, we know only one thing matters and that is number. If the number is good we make an effort to increase it and if it’s reverse we improve and work more on our marketing strategy because the ultimate goal is customer acquisition. And to talk about the numbers, 63% of customers use websites to find or engage with business and it’s on you that how have you managed to present your brand amongst audience. If you can create a good perception of your brand then the customer is yours and yours forever.

A website must be designed well enough to ease the user in interacting with your business. A good user interface is all a brand needs to develop and achieve a rank in this global competitive market. The user interface of a website must be ample creative to entice the user in making an effort to bookmark the page or influence others with it. Which website comes on your mind right now is exactly the same your business needs one at present.

We have all grown up browsing different sites seeking information in detail on, be it education, brand, entertainment or any sort of sites of our search. We use the internet like we used to use phonebook in past and are so dependent on internet that life would be a boat in the ocean in the absence of internet. Our browsing history is loaded because we need web information daily. We have always left the website if we haven’t found it appealing, informative and when not receiving the information what we were looking for.
Psychologically, we also have to focus on customer behavior and deliver the right information parallel to their search. For a consumer who wants to purchase a product need not read everything available on website and to avoid this they need a direct purchase link which is making a huge increase in sales by the sharing of landing page and short purchase link of product via social media.

All in all, the motive is to increase website traffic by diverting your potential customer to the website by all means of advertising whether be it social media or radio, TV ad, newspaper, etc.
Back in those days, the aim of launching a site was to share information but now if we look at the website there are lot of changes in functionality and the way of delivering the information. Some websites are beyond our thoughts and are so creative that they become an inspiration for us and our brand.
A business website is like a business card which every customer expects because it’s a social proof of your presence that we must have it. A well-functioning business website gives us opportunity for data collection and lead generation which are of potential customers and that we can use it for remarketing in future. It gives us an opportunity to stand in the global market. As SEO friendly websites show up well in the search results which give us a platform to showcase our products to the users. It is very important to have a website for a business and in that the most important is to have mobile responsive sites as the 85% of the internet users are browsing in mobile phones.

From analysis to compatibility, deployment to bug fixing, a business website needs to be scrutinized regularly on the basis of user interface for better user experience. For entrepreneurs who are already thinking of a brand and logo need to book a domain simultaneously.

One-third of consumers don’t consider a business if the brand does not have a website where less than a half say a website is the biggest determinant whether they trust the brand or not. Website is the best practice for customer service and to listen to our customers and their experience with our brand.
The world of today engages in the world of social and if you are not found in the global village then you are found unsold than sold out.


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