Advantages of Advertising in India

Marketing is the foothold of today’s economy. It is through marketing that a company generates awareness about its products. Advertising is an off shoot of marketing, wherein, the information about various products and services offered by a company, is communicated to the customers, to help them make an informed choice. Well, that is the social impact of advertising – awareness. Economically, it increases the demand for a product; which is the whole purpose of marketing.

With experience of over a decade in providing the best advertising services in India through my company – the GoaTimeline, I have been able to analyse this field closely.

Through this post, I would like to bring to you some aspects and advantages of advertising in India. Advertising is a creative medium to send across your message to the end consumer of the product. It is not just an idea, but requires the ability on the part of the advertiser to think from the point of view of the customer. He has to be in love with the product to make the audience fall in love with it. There are various mediums through which one can advertise today.

Hoardings are a popular method for outdoor advertising in India. Generally placed along busy highways or any location of your choice, one of the biggest advantages of hoardings is that people will definitely see it. Though, one must ensure that the message is short and catchy, preferably pictorial, as it is mainly while driving that one would spot a hoarding.

Radio advertising is another traditionally popular mode in India. The appeal, and the reach, of the radio to the masses, is the strongest advantage of radio advertising. It is also a cheaper medium than press or television. However, it is possible that the audience may only be listening partially to a radio advertisement, considering many people listen to the radio only while they are driving. However, Internet radio is now expanding the realm of possibilities in this field.

Another trend that has taken the Indian market, and the market worldwide, by storm is digital marketing. Digital marketing can be done offline via television, SMS etc., or online via email, social networking sites, search engines etc. There are many advantages of digital advertising. It is an easier and cost-effective method than traditional advertising. It is possible to provide an interactive platform to the customers where information can easily be shared and their feedback can be taken.

With technology reaching every corner of our life, digital and online advertising in the form of social media marketing, website management and personal email marketing, are the future of the advertisement market. The advantages of online advertising are numerous. It provides large space for displaying content and information, in a simple, appealing manner. The information can be easily relayed as many online platforms provide the reader with the option to share the content. Especially for the young consumers, Internet is definitely the first source of information.

The GoaTimeline, my brainchild, has vast experience of advertising in Goa across different mediums, for a variety of products. We have learnt that there may be certain advantages or disadvantages of advertising via a certain medium depending on the range and age of the targeted consumers, and the nature of the product.

Thus, before one decides on the message to be relayed through an advertisement, it is important to first decide the medium of the advertisement, in order to develop an effective marketing strategy.


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